How to make a datatable containing all data in queue item?

Hi there!

I’m a bit stuck in automating the following. I stored several queueitems in a variabletype: system.collections.Generic.IEnumerable<UiPath.Core.QueueItem>. Lets say this variable contains 100 Successfully processed queue items. These queueitems contains reference, specific content and output. Is there a way to get all these information in an Excel without building the datatable hard coded? Because the specific content and output is variable, so making a template is not the most ideal solution.

My goal is to store all data in an Excel spreadsheet. So this means that there should be columns for the reference, all specific content data and the output data per queue item. For each queue item there should be a row. How can I make a workflow that will make a datatable and add columnnames corresponding to the names of specific content and output names – and after making this datatable the workflow should add each queueitem and its containing information as a row in this datatable.

Can anyone help me further?

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