How to maintain Datatable format while writing in Excel


I have datatable whose columns headers can contain any “9-10” like header name
So after writing in excel, this header is formatted to “10-Sep” which is incorrect

Does anyone has any solution to maintain the format of DT while writing in excel?


May I know from where you are getting this Input data ?

If you are reading data from Excel file using Read Range activity then check Preserve Format option in it and then check once.

Hi @lakshman ,

I tried this but still not working
Below highlighted header is from input file for which I need to preserve the format

and this is how its coming up in output file even after doing what u suggested

Hi @Shreya_Rao1

You can try to change the value in the cell.

use Excel application Scope → Your path

Use Write Cell Activity

Set the Range based on the need


Can you share the sample excel file

But the position of that column is not fixed

HI @Shreya_Rao1

Try to change the cell format