How to loop through folder >file, folder>filelike wise in Reframework

i have around 3 folder inside each i have a excel files
so i need to go one folder ,file one by one process a one file at time as 1 transaction …
how should i do that

Hi @Tharusha_Fernando,

Do you know what the folders will be called? If so, you can use Directory.GetFiles for each of the folders, and then use a For Each to go through the files.


Attachments is an array of strings. You would put your processing sequence inside the body of the for each

hi @william.coulson
till this i have done but i m getting a error

“C:\Users\Tom\Desktop\pre REAC”

this is the folder path
this folder have sub folders and inside sub folder are file that need to be proecss

The issue you’re getting is caused by a part of an array not existing. Check the number of items in io_TransactionData against in_TransactionNumber