How to loop in a directory and extract datas with a built REGEX?

Hello, Robot Ninjas!

I’m having an issue with an automation i’m building now. I have a sequence of Sequences with REGEX extractions inside and each of them gets data from .txt files inside a directory.

This is my main Sequence:

OBS: So in this image above, I use Read Text File activity to extract the data from a .txt and right after, applying the REGEX for extraction.

This is my OUTPUT PANEL:

After extracting I want my robot to loop in the repository below and apply all REGEX (Matches Activity) extractions to all .txt files in that directory. For each .txt file in this directory, I’ve one .csv file where I want to put my extracted data. The file names have a pattern like “1_1_1”, “1_1_2” and “1_1_3” and the .csv file has the same name, only the extension changes. But the biggest issue for me is I want my user to choose the directory for the robot to extract. like:
1- Select Folder Activity for the user to choose the directory (Idk if it’s gonna work but I’ll try)
2- After selecting the directory, the robot runs and extracts de data

After extracting the data, I want my robot to change my change all “Field1”, “Field2” to the variables with the extracted data in the .csv below

I know it’s too much stuff, but I’m almost sure that the hardest step I’ve already done (Regex extraction and data cleaning).

Question 1: How could I loop through this directory and apply my regex on it?
Question 2: After, how could I change the fields in the respective csv file of each txt extracted?

Thank you for your attention and patience!