Parse/regex data at the time of extraction?

Hi Is it possible to parse/regex data at the time of extraction ? For examples when extracting data from a web page I am only able to get “Deal ID: 182019”, however I only need to get the number 182019. In Winautomation for example at the time of extraction I can do regex [0-9]+ and I get the what I want straight away without having to process it later and doing for each and process it line by line. Whats the best method of doing it in Uipath ?


Hi Gary,

You can’t apply regex at the extraction time, however you can do this immediately after by using

  • dedicated Regex activities
  • dedicated String activities
  • .NET Regex or String Expressions

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Thank you badita. I extract data and write it to a file, so if I have 1000 records , I need to loop through each record > regex > write to file, so the more records I have the more processing it takes. Is there a way to extract what I need from the table and write it to file without looping through each record ?


After playing around with it, I found that its a lot quicker to scrape data > process it eg apply regex or any other transformation then to build a new datatable and then write to excel. The previous method of extracting then writing to excel and then processing from excell took a long time, because uipath saves changes straight away, so if you have 10000+ records it will take a long time to process.