How to lookup the datatable two or more


How to apply vlookup formula in uipath… i have multiple sheets and excel files… i have to create one excel file (Unique value) all other to remove…

using AsEnumberable functions. is it possible ?


Hi @Shyam_Pragash ,

You can do so in multiple ways.
One approach would be to convert the required column into a Dictionary and use that to lookup values.

Sample data along with an example of the VLOOKUP that you wish to perform would be most appreciated.

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Ashwin A.K

Hi @ashwin.ashok

please answer me those questions?

  1. How to lookup the data more than 3 datatable (Excel File)
  2. if empty cell is exsits replace to Zero (0).
    3.Use of Time and date format from the datatable
    4.How to change the values in particular range.

Using AsEnumeriable


Hi @Shyam_Pragash
kindly refer below link

hope this gives you idea


Hello @Shyam_Pragash,

If you want to use exact vlookup formula from excel, in a write cell activity in text put:

“=VLOOKUP(the same as using formula in excel file. Use ranges as A:A for example, if you are using it in a for each row)”