How to login to gmail account using credentials stored in asset?


Can someone please explain the process flow and activities used to log in to the Gmail account using credentials stored in the asset?

Get Credential activity can be used to fetch the credentials
If you wish to login to Gmail using, you can apply UiAutomation and create required selectors, else if you wish to send emails then just need to use SMTP Mail activity

You can check out my notes for exact steps for using smtp mail activity at JU-Notes/ at master · piyushagarwal08/JU-Notes · GitHub

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Hi @Ruchita_Patil

  1. Use “Get Credential” Activity to get the UserName and Password Stored in the Asset.

You can have a look at these videos on how to Login to Gmail and use Gmail


Thank you for the help!

Thank you for the help.

I suggest doing the free training on UiPath’s web site. It covers these kind of basic things.