How to load PDF file inside "Create Form" activity

I am trying to load pdf file as part of Create form activity for user to review , but not able to do that ,

Please guide me

Hi did you try with iframe like this:
<iframe src="/pdf/sample-3pp.pdf#page=2" width="100%" height="100%">

Thanks a lot for your reply Bruno, I already tried with iFrame , but no luck :frowning: , it seems its identifying iframe tag but not able to show PDF inside it ,

One reason this may happen ,because IFrame not able to resolve PDF path , although I copied PDF file inside UiPath Project root folder, and called PDF name directly .

I even tried to embed pdf by passing Byte string of PDF like we do for image , but no luck
please find screenshot

Yes, you are right, it is because of the path, im not very savvy with this activity, but tried iframe with an `` http:\… source and it worked, for the base64 version, you should use object tag or embed tho… for an example:

var objbuilder = '';
objbuilder += ('<object width="100%" height="100%" 
objbuilder += (myBase64string);
objbuilder += ('" type="application/pdf" class="internal">');
objbuilder += ('<embed src="data:application/pdf;base64,');
objbuilder += (myBase64string);
objbuilder += ('" type="application/pdf"  />');
objbuilder += ('</object>');

Hi, Could you please share me any sample xaml file? I couldnt solve the similar issue which I am facing.