UiPath Forms - dynamic pdf

Studio version - 2021.10.4 community edition.
form activities package version - 1.8.0

I am following to documentation section to populate pdf dynamically in uiPath Forms. But it shows empty frame. I am using the below configurations:
HTML control-> content:
<iframe src={{data.pdfPath}} width=350 height=500>
Tried below also, but in vain:
<iframe src="{{data.pdfPath}}" width=350 height=500>

UiPath Studio-> FieldFormsCollection

Below is the output generated:

Tried checking the Generate input fields box also, but it results in addition of text field whose fieldkey is pdfPath.

Please suggest what i am missing. Attaching the xaml as well.
Displaying PDFs.xaml (8.7 KB)

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Hey @badal_sharma

Kindly make sure few things,

  1. Pass the right path with file protocol prefix

nmnithinkrishna uipath forms

  1. Please make sure the Refresh on Change option is enabled

Also attaching workflow for reference,

DynamicPDFEmbedUiPathForms_nmnithinkrishna.zip (2.8 KB)

Hope this helps.


This worked. Thank you!

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