How to launch alternate browsers like Vivaldi, Brave, Tor, Pale Moon, Waterfox, etc

Is UIPath capable of launching alternate/customized browsers using the OpenBrowser activity? I didn’t see a place to select the executable, but I thought I recalled seeing that in a Udemy video. Maybe it was an older version? Does UIPath have to support the browser explicitly?

I’m talking about:
Chrome/Chromium based: Vivaldi, Brave, Disconnect, etc.
Firefox based/fork: Waterfox, Pale Moon, Tor Browser Bundle, etc.

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With Open browser activity we could be able to open these three types of browser
IE, Chrome and FireFox as these are major used browsers

I hope these browser mentioned are for legacy applications where lot of updates were given with current browser types we have in UiPath open browser
But I m not sure as I haven’t used these custom browsers

Cheers @Robot.Builder.9001

These browsers are not for legacy applications, they are for niche/specific applications, mostly to reduce tracking, ads, etc; or to add features like Tor or Disconnect commentary.

I don’t know how much enterprise clients would be interested in them, but developers probably will if for no other reason than to test on uncustomized browsers without PII (history, cookies, etc) in them.

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Yah I was just thinking about the same


You can use Start Process activity and specify that executable path to open these browsers.

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