How to launch a process from API call?


I want to launch a process from API call on my On-premise Orchestrator.

  1. Is it possible right?
  2. Could anyone explain it to me more in detail since on the page i can not understand it really well?

I am trying to use:

“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “string”,
“Strategy”: “All”,
“RobotIds”: [
“NoOfRobots”: 0,
“JobsCount”: 0,
“Source”: “Manual”,
“InputArguments”: “string”

but still do not know how to edit it.


It will be easier to edit after you deserialize the string into json and serialize it back to send the request after…

I want to execute a process from a third party .

What is the version of your orchestrator?

2019.4.4. thanks! @bcorrea

Ok, all reference can be found here: basically you will need those calls:


Thank you very much @bcorrea,

the issue is that i can not access any of those links (but the first one) since my orchestrator is on-premise not on cloud…

Well ofc you need to change the domains to your own…
Those are the API calls and not links contain info to read… If you do not have experience as developer, this will be very hard to do on your own…

Yes I get it @bcorrea, then should i change “” into the url of my Orchestrator?

Sorry and thanks

yes, but i hope you understand those are not to be accessed using a simple browser… and nothing to be sorry about, just giving you heads up on whats ahead of you :slight_smile:

Yes, i am using Postman but i didnt get to achieve it.

Thanks a lot again!!

Please find attached:

Do you have any idea about what is happening? It works ok in “swagger/ui/index#”.

Thank you very much again.

i dont really have experience with postman, but if your tests work with swagger of your orchestrator, than you should be good…

In this video, I start a Job on an Orchestrator on PREM:

Cristian Negulescu