How to know the public IP in real time in Uipath


I’m using Proxifier, a tool for connecting to a proxy server. I’ve configured the proxy in this tool, and it’s supposed to change my public IP address randomly with every new request for all applications running on my Windows system, as Proxifier’s scope of application covers my entire Windows environment. However, in UiPath, I don’t have a straightforward way to verify the current public IP address that the automation flow is currently on. I would like to obtain this information to have the peace of mind that my proxy is doing its job the way I expect it. Is there a simple way to get this data within UiPath ?

Thank you.

You can get the Public IP Address at runtime using Invoke Power Shell Activity

The Power Shell script

$PublicIPAddress = (Invoke-WebRequest

Thank you !

I reproduced the same workflow correctly I believe and the worflow is running with no errors, but the PublicIPAdress variable is empty…

Can you share screenshot of power shell activity configurarition?

Sure !

The Power Shell variable doesn’t match the out variable in parameters variables. You missing a “D” in Address

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Yes, I realized it while posting my screenshots, but another error appeared

I deleted this old variable but for some reason my compilator did not forget it

Issue fixed by deleting the invoke powershell activity, and use a new one

and IP displaying with no issue this time

Thanks a lot !

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