How to kill Windows Photo Viewer


I am trying to kills windows photo viewer using kill activity by using “Windows Photo” or “Photo Viewer” or “Windows Photo Viewer” in process name. But it is not killing it. Can you help in this.


@ankit.jain1 - To kill any process using kill process - input name should be a process name with extension.

To Kill the process - you can try below
use - start process activity and pass below code and try…

File Name : “c:\windows\system32\taskkill.exe”
Arguments :

taskkill /f /fi "WINDOWTITLE eq Photos*" /t

if above didn’t work as expected… replace the Arguments with below…

taskkill /f /im dllhost.exe

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The Windows Photo Viewer has many issues of its own.
Double click on the image and it takes a while to load. Also,
it can only process RAW and JPEG images. But you have no idea what
PSD refers to Here are the list of 15 best photo viewer for windows.