How to kill only the Chrome Browser session inside PiP with kill Process?

Hello All,

I’m working on an attended robot, which runs in the pip mode. When I try to kill the chrome process inside pip with kill process activity, the browser gets closed on both sides inside PiP, and outside PiP as well if its already opened. Can someone help me on how to kill browser session only inside PiP.

Thank you,
Praveen Kumar Gogula


Hey @praveengogula ,

Can you please see below links?

Try to see if you can enable the below option.



Hello @shreyash_shirbhate

Thanks for the prompt response, I have tried with all the above options of the target session for the kill xaml file. but still it is closing all the browser sessions inside and outside PiP window.

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I am having the same problem as you. If you have solved this problem, can you tell me how?
thank you

Hello @Owen1

Please maintain the browser sessions and close it once you are done before invoked work flows that runs outside the pip.

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Thank you