How to keep the range format and write to new sheet

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I have download CSV data from website and use uipath to read and write to another new excel sheet, but i found the data range can’t write correct number what website original one,how can i solve it?

on website data

after read and write to new sheet (i use read and write range)


Please check the property ‘PreserveFormat’ on the Read Range activity as in the inline screenshot.
Excel format

Hope this will help you. Thank you


because it’s CSV file, i use “read csv” as picture below, it dont have “preserveformat”

look like the leading zeros are eliminating in CSV file? Is that the difference you observed.

In Web site: 0000555592000001
In CSV file:55592000001

Is this correct understanding?


leading zeros eliminated is OK, i only need the whole number excluding leading zero,
In Web site: 0000555592000001
download CSC file–>555592000001
what i need data–>555592000001
read CSV and write to new excel it turns out → 55500000000

here is CSV file download from website (297 Bytes)


I am getting the results as you expect. Please go through the attached inline screenshot.

Attaching the source code as well.

Hope this will help you. If this is working, kindly mark this issue has been ‘Resolved’.

Thank you.

Code and CSV,XLSX (8.6 KB)



it works!!! really appreciate for your great help!! :smiley: :smiley:

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