How to join two datatables using LINQ with identity column and it should select only specific columns from both datatable and it should not null value to merge while we match identity column

while joining two tables with identity column username it should allow null values as shown in output screenshot

Do you need in particular only LINQ query?

Because we already have one activity which does your requirement. Please have a look -

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Aravinthan

Try this J


Iam using 2018.2.6 only Join Datatable activity is missing so iam trying with linq. I have tried updating uipath.core.Activities also but no use. Kindly help must be helpful.

@Aravinthan hi, first build datatable with column using(build datatable activity) and assign that table with value

(From a In DT1.Select()
Join b In DT2.Select()
On a(“Name”).ToString Equals b(“Name”).ToString
Select dt5.LoadDataRow (New Object() {
a.Field(Of String)(“Name”),
a.Field(Of String)(“City”),
a.Field(Of String)(“Country”),
b.Field(Of Double)(“ProjectID”)},False)).CopyToDataTable()