How to join the three tables in uipath?

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how to join three tables in uipath?Three tables has same colomn name called “Employee Name” and i want to return three tables data (not a single table data)How to do this? Can anyone can help me out here?

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Do you have example of the tables?

if you want to merge the datatables from 3 into 1 - do they all have the same table structure- i.e. column names?


Hey @TimK

They have different table structures…
I can give you example of table structure what i have

Table1:`EmployeeName Lastupdated Rank

Table2 :EmployeeName DateandTime Credits

Table3:EmployeeName DateandTime CreditsintheDB


Hello @vvaidya ,@loginerror, @nadim.warsi ,

Any Help on this?

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Use Merge Datatable Activity -
Merge table 1 with table 2
Merge Table 2 with table 3

This puts all your data into a single datatable - If you have the same sets of data across the different tables, you will need to then merge the data.

Use something like this : concatenate-multiple-rows-into-single-row

Hi @Timk

I dont think merge datatable activity will suite in this case ,bcoz all three tables has different data and different column names

Hi @cheersrpa,

what is your desired output? (table format etc)

You can use Merge and it will Add the schema together of the different tables.

Hey @TimK

I got the output by using join datatables activity by first two datatables and then join the output datatable with the third datatable.

using assign activity to fetch the desired columns

New System.Data.DataView(TempOutputDT2).ToTable(False,{“colomn1”,“colomn2”})

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In case if you need to compare datatable-

I am new to uipath and trying to learn new things So can you attach your sample wf here.


take a look in the below things. you can get more things from here.


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