Merge 3 data table

I have 3 different tables with different set of columns.
Table 1 is the primary table for me which is having 2 columns - GEID, Position ID
Table 2 is having GEID Column, Table 3 is having Position ID Column.

I need to keep Table 1 GEID column as base and merge table 1 and 2 , then I need to merge table 3 using Position ID column. All 3 tables will look like shown below

Table 1 - Base Table
Table 2 and Table 3

so the new table should have 6 columns in 1, 9 columns in 2 leaving GEID, 9 columns in 3 leaving Position ID – Total 24 columns

Please suggest how to merge it in simple way

First you have to join twice:

Then filter out the attribs you dont need.

Thanks for your reply, i will check and update if i have any challeges