How to join 2 datatable in 3rd datatable?

Hi Team, I wants to join 2 datatable in below format. please check and help me on this.

In “A” Column all header should be there and in “B” column values should be there.
and it should keep adding row below.

Hi @bshinde

Use Merge DataTable activity

Input DT1:







but in your output I can see header are on 1st row, I my case I need all header in 1st column.

Also column name are not common in my table

  1. for this one you cannot do that via Merge Data Table
    Just Assign one dictionary and store all headers from column first and there respective value to there key .

  2. Create one data table with headers

  3. After that just use for each assign that data into the created data table

  4. once after appending data from dictionary, Use Remove Data row activity and remove Header from Schema