How to iterate through and get number of items in list in desktop app


I am working on a process that I need to iterate through a list and count the number of items in each line.

The Data Scraping tool does not work for this problem. I tried Get Text with a for each, but that only writes the first line for every line on the list.

Try with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V the text and see if Coping the text line by line could be an option

If so you can get from the clipboard the copied text, in a Do While work the line, then go to the next one untill the Clipboard doesn’t change anymore

These shortcuts do not work in this menu.

I suppose there is nothing under the File menu that would allow you to save the data and work on it in a different format?

I don’t use this app, so I didn’t even think to look. There is a “copy results to clipboard” option.

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