How to capture list Object of .Net desktop application

Hello All

I need to iterate the list object of a desktop application that is developed in .Net. How can I capture the values of the list and iterate through it?



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Hi @Alok_Shrivastava

Can you show us screen, so it is better to help



I am attaching an image, but I can not share a full Image because of legal obligation.



For this type, you can try with Data Scraping, let me any errors while using Datascraping


Data scrapping tool is throwing error

“Error: This control does not support data extraction, Please select a table cell.”

I think it seeks for an HTML table.

Ok @Alok_Shrivastava

Place a click activity and capture one cell selector, repeat for the second cell also, you can show us the selector, so if we make a dynamic selector, then it should work

Hope this helps