How to iterate through a calendar online?


I am trying to select a date (preferably the current one) on a calendar, save the event details in their respective variables, and then input the data into a separate calendar. How can I do this since it is not in the form of a data table?
I can get the robot to select the first date but I need to make it iterate through all the days that are listed.

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What calendar / kind ~ form of calendar are you using? Maybe you’ll have to work with dinamyc selectors, get page attributes, get selectors and try to iterate between them

I’ll try that. It is a calendar on ‘’. the format is very similar to Goolge calendar.
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Ohh ok, I created a calendar there right now, and I noticed that selector for event is based on “name” of event, therefore I don’t know if’s the best way to do it. But I tried to use “Data Scraping” under 30 days calendar and it returned all events names, so you can get event names list by Data Scraping and use a loop for it inside of Selector (turn it dinamic)


In addition, you can use Web APIs to get all events, create and handle another features as well (for example, take a look on Python wrapper for TeamUp):

Thank you!

Thanks! Could you show me the automation for the ‘Data Scraping’? I would like to compare it to what I tried. I did "Data Scraping’ also but getting it to pick the next calendar date has me stumped.

I am also trying to get the event details saved into a variable. The event details come up in a separate window once you click on the event. I need the automation to iterate through one event and collect the data and save it in a variable.
Then it needs to input the data in another calendar.
I am trying to figure out

Yes! Here in Brazil is already dawn, if you don’t get something until tomorrow, or another friend of the forum doesn’t propose something better, as soon as I get from work I create a XAML for you and put here =). Anyway, it would be:

-Data Scraping to get NAMES and DATES (to be used along Selector loop): [select any event as element 1 and select another event as element 2 when you’ll create a Data Scraping it will returns all event names, then you can extract correlated data to get Dates of these events).

-Using selector, loop at Calendar by event names list (get details from each one), selector for details screen is the same for all, but the “index of event” not, as I told you, index of event for this case is the “name”, so we’ll use each name to get each information and prepare it in a DataTable format (Event Date - Event name - Event description)

Then… Create event with information that was taken in another calendar as you need.

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