How to iterate datatables from a dataset using foreach?

Previous version of For each had TypeArgument property thorough which we can select Now in 2023.4.0 version, there is no properties available in foreach. How can we use the foreach to iterate the tables?

Hi @gh11

You can use this activity to loop through the data table


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Hi @gh11 - Take for each activity, provide your datasetname.Tables.

Assume test is dataset

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Hi @gh11

After the latest update, in 2023.4.0 version, you will get no option to select TypeArgument manually. Studio will automatically detect the type of data you are iterating through, right at the moment you enter the data.

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I’m getting error while assigning the currentitem in Output datatable or WriteRanges.

@gh11 - Can you try this way

  • Go to properties of For Each and assign variable for Index
  • Within the loop, in the Output data table, pass test.Tables(Index)

Hi @gh11
You can’t place currentitem to the Output data table or WriteRanges. It should be in the form of the data table


Thank you for the help @ushu

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