Unable to see for each loop properties

Hi All,

I was trying to iterate dataset.tables through for each loop but unable to see the for each loop properties.

@Parameswari its not issue, when you will put variable it will automatically select their argument type.
suppose your variable is mailmessage type and when you will put in it, it will automatically select argument type as well

Hi Raja, Can you please check this.


For now, can you try to downgrade UiPath.System.Activites pacakge to 22.10.x?


@Parameswari can you explain what you want to do?

@Parameswari you are using for each simple. For datatable use For each for datatable.

Hi Yoichi,

Thanks, it is working fine now.

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Hi Raja,

It’s working after downgrading the system.activities… Thanks for your time

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