Write a list of array data in excel file row by row

I got struck to print a data in Excel file row by row.
Ex : I have Array list of Data {“Chandu”,“siva”,“Giri”,“chinna”,“Murali”},I need to Write this array list in excel file row by row,Can Any one guide me

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@bujji.chandra97 Use for each activity , inside that use write cell activity. Just increase the row number so that it does for all items in the array.

Hi @Sugumar8785 I have tried this could please check this once

@bujji.chandra97 could you post a screenshot? I am using community forum through mobile.

There are different ways you can use. One is use ,Excel Application Scope activity, inside that add a For Each activity iterating on your array, in the Do part of your For Each, add Write Cell activity. Just remember you also need a variable to work as an incremental element to traverse through the cells.

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Hi @bujji.chandra97 How many columns do u have in your datatable? If u have 5 columns then use add data row and pass arraystring to add data row.

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@bujji.chandra97, you have initialized row number as 1. So, It takes row number as 1 every time in the loop. Assign row value the value out of the loop.

I don’t think generate datatable activity is required here.

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  • you can try this use Build Data Table activity and create a column and get output as outDataTable after that use For Each Loop inside loop use Add Data Row activity and pass your string like this {item.ToString} to arrayrow property and give Datatablevariable = outDataTable

  • outside For Each Loop use Write Range activity and mention the range as well and pass your outDataTable


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got it…! @Sugumar8785 Tnq u

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@bujji.chandra97_Solution.xaml (8.4 KB)

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