How to iterate a datatable from the second row?

Good afternoon friends, a question please:

I’m using the Extract Structured data activity to capture a table from a web page, so I want to iterate from the second line because the first line is a header. I tried to edit the Data table putting the new headers but it was not possible, so what would work for me would be to iterate from the second row.


I tried adding a one to it but it doesn’t seem to accept the “+” operator



Instead we can use REMOVE DATAROW ACTIVITY where mention datatble as dt and rowindex as 0 to remove the first row of the datatable

Once removing you can use it with normal approach using for each row activity

Cheers @Lynx

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Hey, @Lynx !! Lets go, bro!!

A simple approach would be as follows:

Step 1 - Set an index variable.

Step 2 - Insert an “IF” to check if the index of the line is zero, that is, if it is the first line.

However, I could see that your first line is the column names, which should be your header. If you want to know how to put this first line as a header, let us know!
Hope this helps!

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Thanks you very much, it work perfect

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