How to interact with SharePoint site without launching it in browser?

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Currently we are working with SharePoint. In SharePoint we are creating some dynamic folders as per the Business Work Day. Currently, we have mapped this SharePoint as a network drive and performing the actions for folder creation. But, client is saying its not the feasible way as it has some security concerns. We can not map SharePoint as a network drive.

Could there is any other option is available for interacting with SharePoint?

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Gaurav Suryawanshi.

Hello @suryawanshigaurav09

Map sharepoint your local drive then you can use it easily.


Try this:

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Hi Drkeek,

Thanks for the help. But, I’m not able to download this package. Could you please help me for the same.

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Gaurav Suryawanshi.

  1. Download the package to your local folder

  1. On UiPath Studio, go to Manage Packages > Settings > …

  2. Locate the Sharepoint Custom package, click Add

  1. Once added, you should see the package in All Packages

Thanks drkeek.

Apart from this, i want to move single/multiple files (which will be .pdf,.xlsx,.txt) from Local Folder to SharePoint Folder without mapping. How could we do it ? or Which activity needs to use for it ?

I haven’t done it myself but in that Sharepoint custom activity package there are these:

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@loginerror @ovi

Any one found the solution for this

Without using custom activities is there any other way to copy or upload the files into team applications

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Use UiPath send http request activity to SharePoint REST API service