How to insert variable into selector


Hi Friends,

I would like to make the robot who upload the Avilable Activity of manage packages in Ui path studio.

The Activity’s selector is below.

I changed the selector as belows.
<ctrl idx=’" +number + "'name=‘Orc.NuGetExplorer.PackageDetails’ role=‘list item’ />

But I get an error in the attached image.

Please tell me how to insert variables into selector.

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Hello there,
It’s a small bug .
You need to paste selector in the expression editor window directly not by opening it(maximizing).
Else it adds &quote; instead of '"

Do not click on the option marked as read just paste directly there inside double quote “”.


Thank you for your reply.
I pasted in editor of selector and attached below.

But same error was happend…

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You suppose to pass between double quotes, i don’t see there :thinking:
more like this,


Sorry , I could write like yours.
The error message was below.

The last line says [At the Option Strict on , you can not do the implicit type conversion from ‘String’ to ‘Double’]

And the type of number in Int32.

best regtads,


Click on Multiple line items

ok its compiler error.
Just add ToString at the end of number like it.


Thank you for your advice.

The robot was moved!!

Thank you so much.



Hi All,
I have created a string variable and stored the text in that sting and i wanna pass the stored variable in another field and wanna retrieve please help me on that. How we can achieve on that.