How to insert value from data table in different data columns

Hi UIPath Community,

i’m quite new in UIPath and stuck at a current problem:

I’m scrapping information from a website (name, phone number and birthday) and repeat that until i’ve got a specific number of the informations.

I’m building a data table (with the “build data table” activity) and writing them in an excel file.

My problem right now is, that it does write the scrapped information into a excel file but all comma separated in one column, even though i’ve created in the data table activity my three different collumns.

Question: How can the scrapped information be inserted in the different collumns (name, phone number and birthday)?

PS: The “build data table” activity stores the information into my variable “extractedInformation” with the variable type System.Data.DataTable

Thank you for your help!


first how you are scraping the data from website?
if you are using WebScrap the output should be Datatable which will directly create separated columns.

if you can get the datatable then you should be able to write into excel as different columns…

Can you share your XAML file it will help us to understand more.

Hi @venkat4u thanks for your fast reply.

I’m using “Get Full Text” to extract the information from a website, so i guess its Screen Scrapping.

Thats what i thought too, but it saves them all in one column …

Sure, how can i share my XAML file? I can’t find any option in the UIPath to do so :sweat_smile:

@venkat4u Thats the XAML file :smiley:

Main.xaml (13.5 KB)

btw: thats how my excel file looks, once the process is completed