How to insert datatable data into excel in the sharepoint in one go?

HI Everyone,

Ii have situation where i need to insert datatable data into to the excel in the sharepoint, i don’t want to iterate over for loop and insert data one by one row.

Is there any way i could insert the data into one go? like say write range/append activities in excel?

Appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Use write range activity to upload your entire data from data table into Excel and save your excel in your local folder.

Use Microsoft 365 activities and file upload activity to upload your excel to SharePoint in one go.

Please refer the below documentation from uipath.


Thanks for the suggestion, but my case is update the excel which is already opened in the SharePoint not creating a new file.


yes you can with Microsoft Office 365 package.

i have done the same task automate data in excel file which was in SharePoint directly.
Copy and Paste
Cut and paste
Set color Range