How to insert a variable into filename

Hi all,

I downloaded a PDF file using ‘Download File’ and it worked well.
Right now i have a variable(vfilename) with the current date and time as value.
How can i append the pdf file name with vfilename.

Please help.

now you can do this
use for each loop to get the pdf file

do this

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Hi Pradeep,

Thank you so much for the reply, please have a look at the below screenshot.
• Assigned vFIlename with Current date& Time
• Using Download file, I am just saving a pdf into a location(just one file)
• And I have given localFilePath(outputlocation) as c\abc\xyz.pdf

  • This is working fine.
  • But I need the output to be saved as xyz_vFilename.pdf. Please help.

i dont see any screen shot buddy!