How to open a file with variable file-name?


I would like to know if it is possible to store a file name in a variable (it can be PDF, Excel, CSV etc) and open it for reading?

Means suppose a PDF file is generated with today’s date attached to its file name (say Document_08_16_2017.PDF).
Now suppose if I am able to get that file name generated through .NET script, how will I pass this dynamic file name to Read PDF Text activity?


Before getting name of file you must locate the file path then you could pass path.combine(“path”,“filename”) in the ReadPDFText Activity.


Hi, I have a similar question - I have a variable created with a value of report name plus current date. In an excel scope, I want to open this report everyday. I want to use the variable as the file name to open. I have tried several variations but can not get it to open.

Variable: fileName is a variable with a value of "Report Name " + DateTime.Now.ToString(“MM-dd-yyyy”) + “.xls”

Excel Scope: "C:\Users\Documents\UiPath\ +“fileName”


Are you getting any error?
try below path.
“C:\Users\Documents\UiPath” +fileName


Thanks - I tried and still does not open - no error - just opens a blank worksheet in excel.


Should add - I have it as an argument not a variable.


I don’t think so argument makes any difference here .Because as you mentioned its opening blank worksheet that bit wired isn’t it :thinking:
Are you sure there is file available in the following path containing data (having same file name?)


I really think it is my Excel. Today it opened the file, although it would not execute the macro. I have had other Excel issues as it relates to UiPath. Files from SAP saving unconverted even when spreadsheet is clearly defined - saving as .txt when the activity is selecting .xlsm. I am trying to work through these issues with our IT staff. Thanks for your help!


Hi i have a similar question iam.trying to pass a column value in excel name for example …filename%userid%.csv…How to do this…