How to insert a table to the header of a document using word application scope


As the title says, I am downloading invoices, then insert the pictures into word, then I would like to create a table with 4 rows and one column where I store some information about each invoice and paste it into the header of the document.

Can someone help me to do that, or is it possible at all? I have done it using recorder but it just takes too much time and there are thousands of invoices, that’s why i need some faster way, like the word application scope.

Thanks for your help,

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Not an expert, but few inputs:

  1. Adding image is straight forward, Add Image Activity

  2. Regarding the table in header, can you create a Template with below Table in header with Row1,Row2,Row3,Row4 bookmarked. You can reusre the template for all your invoice processing and update the row values using set bookmark content activity (shown below)

Hope it helps.

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Attached is the code. Let me know if any questions (354.3 KB)

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Wow, thanks for the fast and very nice solution,I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: