How to Input excel data into Outlookmail body?

Hi Guys,
Please help me.
How can I input excel data into outlook mail body?

You mean copy & paste the data in mail body ?

Hi @LwinMoeAUNG

we can achieve this using of hmtl code


Use simple HTML Tags to create table and insert your data into that.

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Hi @LwinMoeAUNG

I don’t think “User voice/Ideas” is the right category for this post. However, here’s the solution for your problem: (19.8 KB)

Don’t forget to add an email ID in the “Invoke workflow” activity before you run your main.


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Thanks all for your reply…

This is my sample excel data
Book1.xlsx (8.0 KB)

I want to input this excel data into outlook mail body and send that mail.

Please help me ,
I want send oulook mail with format data the same excel file
as the pic bellow

many thanks