How to write content of excel into email body without loosing colors and structure

Hi everyone,

I have an Excel and I have to send it by outlook mail, but I want to put the excel in the body because users had to see the Excel directly when they see the mail.
First I tried to use HTML format but this doesn’t keep the color so I search a solution for doing it !
Is it possible to have the Excel in the mail like if a human make CTRL + C / CTRL + V from the Excel to the mail ?

For now I have :

And I want :


You can do User Interface Automation if you have excel & outlook available on same machine.

You need to open excel sheet and then draft email same as we do manually.

So you mean I have to send the mail using the “record” activity in UiPath ? Like if Excel and Outlook are two simple application without dedicated activity ?

Yes… Its simple application but our requirement is more on UI perspective so we need to do this.

Ok I see how to do it like human will but how do you pass the CTRL + C/ CTRL + V from the Excel to the mail body ? I tried to use the click on the little triangle on the top left corner of the Excel and then CTRL + C then click on the body mail then CTRL + V but this isn’t working…