How to Initialize DataTable in Test Feature

Hey there,

I am trying to test my Workflow with the feature from UiPath 2019.10 (Rightclick β†’ Test Activity)
My Workflow has an inputargument of Type DataTable and I dont know how to initialize it right before testing.

For example with Dictionaries I need to proceed like this: Test Activity with Dynamic Variables - #3 by LennartM

Do you know what I have to write in order to populate a DataTable with one Row and three Headers?

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should be like this:

text 2,2

Hey and thanks for your answer,

I tried that, with no success already. It returns this error:

I also tried creating a DataTable with Build DataTable Activity and then Copy Paste the content.
I also tried New Dictionary From {{A,B},{C,D}} but all without success

maybe this cant really be done with datatables, or you would need to at least initialize it in your project before you can like add rows to it in editor…

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