Workflow execution Time too long

The Workflow sequence that I have developed takes 3-4 hours to complete the run. The excel sheet has has around 3000 rows of data and 26 columns to read and then it is used to populate a template sheet. Is there any way to optimize the time taken or does it normally take so much time. How can the Run time be reduced?

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Hi @learie
I think you can use Invoke VBA (documentation below)

Then the end result should be a filtered excel file or such to reduce the runtime :slight_smile:

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Yes there is. For example my latest program iterates over 1.200.000,00 data pieces in excel to get the once its needs to fill in a verry large summery. It does this in exacly 7min.

Try to make a test file. And test if everything the delays etc. Don’t open excels only in the background. Also use excel activities once and try to keep using it inside of it. So you dont waste time opening and closing it.

and like Jan_Brian_Despi said, try to use as much as Invoked code as possible. Which works much faster then large loops.

Kind regards

Thank you very much. i will try this out and get back to you.

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I am not that good with VBA.
You may want to refer to this eBook whenever you need guide on creating VBA codes:

Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

I have run using a test file with some 100 row data and it takes 2 minutes to run but run time increases as more data is added which is as expected I guess. Anyways I will try with the invoked code. Thank you very much.

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IF you are using a framework you will always lose around 1/2 min. If not thats along time for 100 rows. May i ask you to send the test file ? i’m curious how it’s setup

Hii… Sorry for the late reply…I’m afraid that I wont be able to share the files but i will make it in a shareable format and send it to you

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