How to Implement On-premise Git on my local machines which will be connected to the main machine(server)

Hi Everyone,

I want to setup a on-premise GIT repository (not GitHub). I have searched everything but am not able to find a appropriate solution. So what I want is that we have 15 local machines and 1 server. So I want the server machine to be my remote repository, where all my UiPath code will be present. And I want this 15 local machines to be connected to remote repository so that I can have all the code at one place and ill be able to version it or do git activities(like push or pull the code).

So can anyone guide me how can I achieve this? I want all my code on the remote repository and the local machines can access the code and in case of any changes the code will be pushed in the remote repository. And if possible I want the URL to be in http protocol.

Hello @praneet.naik
From my understanding of your problem,
my suggestion is you could try to put your code in the share folder “all your machines have access” and open the source code form that,
and you can create branches form git tool inside tools panel UiPath.

I hope that could help you,
happy automation :robot: .

Sorry to say, but I did not get the solution. Can you elaborate more?