Git-sm Integration

Hi guys,

We are trying to setup git-sm integration with the UiPath studio but to no avail.

We created a server (VM) hosted on our network and installed git-sm, but we are stuck in connecting UiPath Studio.

All of the documentation available is pointing out to GitHub repositories, is there any UiPath documentation or any media showing the steps of such a scenario?


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We’ve finally been able to integrate git-scm with UiPath Studio using https connection rather than ssh - the solution worked with a local git server and apache (although we use Azure and IIS is preferred) nevertheless, you can do the same by following some of the below instructions:

After installing and configuring git-scm properly on a local server, check out how can you host it over http:

since we are hosting our services over Azure we used ApacheHaus to overcome the manual binaries installation, ofcourse this also applies to non-windows operating systems:

Apache fresh installation provides http connection therefore you need to configure your ssl certificate and key.
There is too much configuration you need to do in Apache to allow the git-http-backend CGI to receive and send packages (GIT Repos push and pull). Happy to answer questions :slight_smile:

We reviewed the configuration and the maintenance procedures of this setup and we actually opted out since the maintenance is somehow hectic - it all comes down to how you want to collaborate. would love to hear how your organization is dealing with developer collaboration and have more. insights.