How to identify controllers in the web page

I need to find search controller and text box to enter the search data in any web page…
for ex: I am having three websites but didnt did any element scraping or web recording for those websites.
the links are | EDGAR | Company Filings, 2. and , etc like this I have 100 more links

I need to first find text box where to pass Apple Inc company name and then search controller to click on search… I dont need 100% accuracy if I can do 70% also fine.
How can I achieve this in UiPath?

Each site has their own selector attribute.
In case your planning to use same typeinto (search) activity for all the 100 site then its not gone work(Selector Not Found Exception)(then you probably required n typeinto activities with different selector) but
you might get lucky in case all the sites search box has the cursor in default search field . In this scenario you don’t end up with any exception(as there is no requirement of finding search box).

When I have any specific selector then I will get this error Selector Not Found Exception but I want to find the selector element and then I will do type into for found element… My question is how to find webpage controllers like textbox or combo box?

You can get it.

  • Use get attribute to find out the uielement field. Here its class=textfield.


do you have any example file @ddpadil ?

Here we go.
getClass.xaml (8.4 KB)

thanks @ddpadil but it is getting attribute from specific element, what i need is: to get element id from web page means I need to know what all the controls present in the web page and get the id or class name of the controls… Can I do?

Oh in that case you can make use of Find children activity (Retrieves a collection of children UI elements according to a specified scope and filter criteria.) and pass uielement in get attribute same as above.