How to hide Columns in Xl dynamically

Hi Team

I am trying to do the following things i

  1. open xl file from a folder which has more than 10 excel sheet.
  2. Open each file and hide some column in that xl file.

I am able to so the first one, but not able to get any function for second one… Is i am missing any key function. Any help wil be much appreciated.



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Hi there!

Could you hide columns with uipath? Because I am trying to do the same thing…

Thank you!

HI @Mr_Robot,

use excel application scope.
Select the column and use send hot key-> Ctrl+0 for Column hide Ctrl+9 for Row hide.



And this is by Invoke Code, @srirseshadri @Mr_Robot :

Worksheet.Range("B:B").EntireColumn.Hidden = True

Sample here: (reuploaded) Hide (8.6 KB)

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In your sample when I download it doesn’t work."

@Mr_Robot whoops. Reuploaded, please kindly check it.

Hi @srirseshadri,

It is a package that to hide and un-hide columns and rows.