How to use StudioX to hide columns in Excel?

Hi all,

I’m currently working on some Excel reports, how can I use StudioX to hide some columns in Excel?

Example: If A2 is empty, hide col. C

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lun950831

Use Excel Application Scope activity.
Select the column and use send hot keyCtrl+0 for Column hide Ctrl+9 for Row hide.


Hi @Gokul001,

Thanks for your reply, would you please explain more about how to select the specific column?

Do you mean there is a “Scope” activity under Excel Application? I can’t find it~


Hi @lun950831

There is an For Each Excel sheet Activity


Is this available in StudioX?

Question is about how to use Hide columns in StudioX… Please refer to the question posted by the user again…

@Gokul001 - Since there is no activity to hide columns in StudioX directly…I have used UI Automation to achieve it …Please check below…




Hi @prasath17

Great! this is a possible solution at this moment! Hope the hide col/row function will be added to the StudioX Excel activity soon.

Thanks a lot.