How to handle SAP automation freeze and robot freeze

is there a try catch surrounding the call to SAP Timeout Handler - Main?

No, let me add try catch.

something like this…

I have directly added timer and my sequence in parallel activity with try catch in my Process state, but still the bot is faulting instead of going to next transaction item.

Below is my error
The activity ‘Invoke SQ7 workflow’ with ID 5415 threw or propagated an exception while being canceled.

My issue is something similar to below thread.

I have isolated the Timer.xaml workflow and it can catch the error and going to next transaction item instead of faulting the job.
My issue is resolved, Thanks for your help.

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Glad to know.

Do you mean you ticked the isolated property in the timer.xaml workflow?

Yes, after ticking isolated property the job doesn’t fault.

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