How to give explicit wait in Uipath

I need to perform the following actions.
Goto and then wait for the search text bar to appear. Once the search bar appears then type in a product name.

My reqirement is I dont want to give a blind delay. I just want to just explicit condition like once the search text box appears then It should immediately type in.

HI @Arunchettur,

If you use open browser activity it will handle automatically waiting time.

use OnElementAppear activity




I have a scenario like after the execution the robot still waits for more than 10 seconds and then exits the browser. How can i reduce that time?

Can you elaborate.
After execution of what activity do you want to exit the browser?

I have done data scraping for a website called and I have given pattern for scraping product name, price and ratings. Scraping is done smoorthly for all the pages it has and is saved into a csv. It takes more than 10 seconds generate the csv and to return to UIpath studio.

Ok the reason, it takes some time is that you may have scraped multiple pages to extract all the data from the website. Correct me if i am wrong.

So post processing it all it will generate your dt and then you csv.
Im not sure if you can reduce that time some how. Its the processing time for your automation. :slight_smile:

Let me know your thoughts

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Yes correct it might be taking time to write to the excel. I think I should store it to a web table at first.

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The robots will always wait until the page is fully loaded.