How to get value from json


i have below json


“testExecutionKey”: “P000110-7887”,
“tests”: [
“status”: “TODO”,
“testKey”: “P000110-6436”,
“defects”: ,
“evidences”: [“kunal”],
“steps”: ,
“assignee”: “”,
“testEnvironments”: ,
“iterations”: ,
“comment”: “null”

how can i get testexecutionkey value P000110-7887 from this json
help me on same.

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

→ Use read text file activity to read the json file and store in a String Variable called InputJson.
→ Use the deseralize Json activity to deseralize the json data from the InputJson variables and store the output in a JsonObject datatype variable.
→ After that use the assign activity to extract the value and store in a String datatype variable.

1. Deserialize JSON
   - JsonString: Your JSON string
   - JsonObject: jsonObject

2. Assign
   - To: testExecutionKey
   - Value: jsonObject("testExecutionKey").ToString()

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @Mathkar_kunal
Download UiPath.WebAPI.Acitvities to get Deseialize JSON activity
Store that Json in a text file.
JSON.txt (322 Bytes)
→ Use Read Text File acitivity and store the output say JsonString
→ Use Deserialise Json and store the output like JObject
→ Use the below syntax in message box:




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Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Try this


Output will be P000110-7887


Hope it will helps you :slight_smile:

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