How to get value from excel

Hi Team,

I need data from below rows
Need both names and dates.

I have tried :1)read range and store into dt
2)and In the body of for each I have assigned this

Please anyone guide


@Sharanabasava_Kallur Can you explain it more clearly as to what actually you want to do ? What is the Output you need? Also I guess you’re using Dictionary , Why so ?

I need variable Name1 as Sharan and variable Date1 as 7/11/2019
same thing as Name2 as Smita and Variable Date2 as 7/25/2019

@Sharanabasava_Kallur But why the Dictionary :sweat_smile: And will it be always two names and Two Dates?

I though to map and get the value.
Yes always two names and two dates

Hi @Sharanabasava_Kallur,

Let’s say your output from excel is a datatable dt_out. Try to get the name with an assign activity
For example: Name=dt_out.Row(1).Item(1).ToString

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@Sharanabasava_Kallur After using Read Range, By using the output datatable, you can get the needed values. Since it is two values always. You can go with a Static Index number to fetch the values you need.

DT(0)(1).ToString - To get the First Name
DT(1)(1).ToString - To get the First Date
DT(2)(1).ToString - To get the Second Name
DT(3)(1).ToString - To get the Second Date

Make sure you add Headers in Read Range

Check if this works

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