How to get value based on another value in excel?

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I need to fetch amount value and I don’t have header name.
Amount and 717(value ) is in same row.

Can anyone suggest, how to get that value?

Read the excel & go to for each in that loop search with the particular key & get the value

Hi ShuklarChana001

You can use linq to get the value.

Hi @shuklarchana001 ,

Is this maybe what you were looking for?


	Where(Function(w) w(0).ToString.Contains("Amount")).
	Select(Function(s) s.ItemArray.Where(Function(sw) sw.ToString.IsNumeric).FirstOrDefault).

This ofcourse, is just a rough code, we have to add proper checks to ensure that we are indeed getting the item that we want and not something unexpected.

RetrieveLastIteminRow.xaml (8.2 KB)

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Ashwin A.K

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I have ran same but getting 0.


I think this amount value is not in last row.

Hi @shuklarchana001 ,

Would you be so kind as to share a sample template so that I can experiment with it?
That would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hey @ashwin.ashok , you were correct.

It is working. Actually, I did put other value.

@ashwin.ashok Thank you so much for your help

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