How to get UiPath 2023.10.0 License

Hi All,

I want to know how to get UiPath 2023.10.0 license for Studio, Orchestrator, Robot.
What is the step by step procedure to get the license?
What all we need to have to get the license?
Need to know how to get license for attended and unattended BOT?

Can anyone please let me know the answers for the above questions.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @vivek.ravichandran

Is you question related to enterprise edition?


Yes @vrdabberu . I need enterprise edition

Hi @vivek.ravichandran

Contact UiPath Sales:
Enterprise editions of UiPath are often available through sales representatives. You may need to contact UiPath sales directly to inquire about licensing options and obtain the enterprise edition. Look for contact information or a “Contact Sales” option on the website.

(Contact Us | UiPath)


Hello @vivek.ravichandran

  1. Contact UiPath sales.
  2. Choose attended/unattended bot licenses.
  3. Activate licenses using UiPath License Tool.
  4. Assign licenses in Orchestrator.
  5. Configure Robot licenses.
  6. Manage licenses in Orchestrator.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Thanks @vrdabberu . Will contact them

Thanks @Kartheek_Battu . I’ll contact them.

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