How to get the values of specific row and store it in variable

I get the final data table to store in excel file. What if i want to store only specific row into variables? Thank you

this is the example of the data table, i want to get the value of website row

Hi @newuser1

dt - your datatable

Create a Variable dtRow of

In assign,

dtRow = dt.rows(0)

Will give first row, change the index according to your need.


so, if i want to get the value from row website, the command will be dtRow = dt.rows(1) ?

maybe row and column is mixed up
in your case getting the Goolge URl

strUrl = YourDataTableVar.Rows(0)(“Website”).toString

@newuser1 you want to store the column into a variable?

If yes please try below steps,

Method 1 (store in datacolumn variable)

  1. Create a variable dtCol of

  2. In assign,

dtCol = dt.columns(“Website”)

Method 2 (store a column in string)

  1. Create a variable strText of type system.string

  2. In assign give

strText = String.join(",", row("Website").tostring).toarray)


into string of array

@newuser1 please try this row("Website").tostring).toarray


We do not know your case, but maybe a Dictionary is a better choice:

Assign Activity
Left: dictSEPara | datatype: Dictionary(Of String, String)

new Dictionary(Of String, String) From {

then you can get the bing url by: dictSEPara(“Bing”)

You can also add, edit the value and remove other Search engines afterwards

strText in string, right?

getting from dictionary all urls we do use : dictSEPara.Values

Also have a look here:

For this Yes it is string, it will give an string array.

strText = row("Website").tostring).toarray

For this it is system.string, it will give a string.

strText = String.join(",", row("Website").tostring).toarray)


strText = dt.AsEnumerable.Select(Function(row) row("Website").ToString).ToArray

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