How to get the values in a table of a word document in a datatable (As we do in regular excel)

I want to get the values of the tables in a word document as a datatable. please find the attached mage for reference.

Hello there,
There is a simple way if you wanna avoid all tha scraping and string manipulation and then put into to datatable.
If feasible you just need to convert your word to PDF and then use data scraping wizard.
This will return entire table as datatable.

@ovi can we have this datascraping/individual element inspecting on body of word compatibility to word doc also in coming day?

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Thanks for the your answer.
Is there any other way without convert into PDF format ???

Yes as I said in previous comment by screen scraping (if your using 2017 version then it have an inbuilt option of generate datatabel in wizard itself) else use string manipulation(indexing and substring )

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